• Hard Wax Mould Equipment

    Making hard wax blocks of various shapes, current production capacity is 50,000 pcs/8 hours, packaging capacity is2,000 boxes /8 hours.

  • Roll-on Wax Filling Machine

    Roll-on cartridge Soft wax,the current production capacity is 16000 PCS /8 hours, packaging capacity is 2000 PCS /8 hours.  

  • Granulator Equipment

    Hard wax Beads, the current production capacity is 14 tons /8 hours, packaging capacity is 32,000 bags /8 hours.  

  • Paraffin Wax Filling Machine

    Bag package Paraffin wax, with a current production capacity of 7000 bags/8 hours and a packaging capacity of 7000 bags /8 hours.  


  • Reaction Kettle

    The workshop is equipped with 10pcs reaction kettle, it works with granulator,  filling machine and packaging machine to meet the production needs of tinplate cans, plastic bags, roll-on boxes and different specifications at the same time

  • Can Filling Machine

    Can package Soft wax , current production capacity is 16,000 cans /8 hours, packaging capacity is 2,000 cans /8 hours.  

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